Narcissists, imbued with the pathogen that substitutes real love for addiction, enmeshment and obsession train us to see them as the sole source of our happiness and the cradle of our reality. A substantive and highly visible definition of evil is one in which light is substituted for darkness, truth for fact, good for bad and the reversal of those meanings is sold to us as truth. Because we labour under a Narcissistic global agenda and media some of us fail to see these reversals at work in our world at large of which the individual Narcissist is simply a microcosmic viral replica.

As we awaken, we begin to see it. We begin to witness a world in which medicines create more diseases than they cure, where billions spent on war is done in the name of peace – really, a world in which happiness is sold to us as material acquisition, the pursuance of which leaves us feeling more empty, more depressed and less happy than ever. It is no surprise then that individual Narcissists skew our view of the world and of relationships and of our selves until we believe we are to blame for his appalling behaviour (we are all responsible for how we behave), they are right when all the facts prove them wrong, that their version of events is true despite us knowing it is false and that we will never find real love again despite “knowing” this was anything but.

In escaping this dangerous and degrading polarisation and deprogramming ourselves of the hypnotic mind control we have undergone, we must immerse ourself in truths that bring expansion and light into our world and which allow us to transverse timelines in our life which put us firmly out of the Narcissists reach.

We all inhabit many universes of possibility simultaneously. Which one we inhabit is dictated by our thought patterns. Crossing from one to the other is simply a matter of changing our thoughts and energy frequencies until we vibrate at the same level as the desired outcome. In my own healing I knew without doubt from day one that there existed a time line on which I was healed and I pursued the thoughts necessary to move me from the state I inhabited to the one that freed me from the grip of negative energy. (I will be adding articles on this as soon as I am able).

The nature of Narcissism and of all Narcissistic agendas is untruth. By their grandiose self belief and their emotionally abusive insistences, Narcissists teach us that they are the sole source of true happiness and satisfaction in our life and that beyond them all is void and meaningless; this is a lie. In the Edenic myth, lying was the first act of Satan, the first recorded “sin”; the corruption that the creature could be God at no cost to him or herself and that, in truth, the knowledge withheld from the first couple was both a selfish act of God and a source of deified power. The irresistible call to being able to flout God’s law without retribution and to gain omnipotence through it, was the polar opposite of the truth. Whether you believe in the Bible or not, its mystical wisdom speaks to us of human and spiritual nature in tones that are as graphic and illustrative today as they were 2000 years ago.

Christ calls Satan (literally, the slanderer), “the Father of lies” and so he is. The eternal promise of evil is one of offering love and security whilst eroding our freedoms through hatred and fear; the spirit of our manufactured world whose every promise for satisfaction is a lie that plunges us deeper into dissatisfaction. Just as Jesus rebuked every temptation of the Devil, so we must rebuke every temptation of the evil inherent in Narcissism knowing that the pathogenic nature of the virus is the antithesis of the true meaning of relationship, trust and love.

What the Narcissist trained us to see in them, is the polar opposite of the truth of their existence. The tempting Edenic offer they made us was a baited hook, a lie to lead us into damnation and the Edenic figure who was our friend, who told us what god withheld from us and offered us freedom was no more than the illusion and the deceitful apparition that spoke to Eve.

In recovering your self, you must grasp that life and living is not invested in the view of the world of the false ego that the Narcissist sold you. You must focus on truth to counter this and slowly begin to unravel the lies that were fed to you as truths and supplant them with the truth from the divine source and inner spirit which is the inspiration to our authenticity.

Life as it should be lived can seem dull after the drama of a turbulent relationship. With drama we are high on a constant chemical cocktail of pain induced Opiates that once tasted, the brain then craves. In calm we live in joy and equilibrium that surpasses that but, the withdrawal can be hard.. The flesh chases the drugs our brains have created in response to a life where little was secure or certain. Our brains become a slave of a source outside of ourselves and until we heal, we must question our thoughts knowing that they have been programmed toward the induction of further chaos.

Drama is a poor substitute for the state of calm that arises when we allow the integration of spirit and self. Addiction to constant hits of distraction through alcohol, high drama relationships, cigarettes, television, drugs and adrenaline are presentations of the spirit of the world that convinces us that this is living. This is the opposite of living, this is darkness. Living is freedom from the need for all of these, all of the time. The freedom to create and simply be, to know you are already enough and that in all probability you already have enough. The freedom to discover your truth and to hear the still small voice inside above the clamour of the brain that has been sold so many lies. The freedom to uncover what your soul was engaged to do.

As part of my own healing, I developed a method of Introspective reflection and questioning that allowed me to extract the wisdom from the pain I felt and to forge a friendship with it. Pain is a call to wisdom. The more we run from it, the louder it will call. The world teaches us to bury pain, to dull it but, when we turn to it, we see it is an ally that seeks to speak to us. God exists in our pain, it is the wisdom of the divine that sits in the centre of it, like a diamond in coal, it awaits us to uncover it and to release the beauty of it. Every pain, every fearful memory or seemingly intransigent trauma that keep us hooked into the Narcissist has a message that comes straight from our higher self. Our pain never had anything to do with the Narcissist, it existed before they showed up and was simply made conscious by their presence.

If we are to begin to unravel and heal, we must grasp basic truths that dissolve the lies. Whilst these may seem obvious, the depth to which they will affect the subconscious is far greater than their simplicity. These were made available to me in a state of meditation and they speak directly to those of us who were or are victims. They helped transform my mind. If you will take the time to sit and think on them or meditate on them, they can begin to transform yours. Counter all lies with truth and the grip of evil will melt.

  • It is a myth that there is only one special person who will complete your life. We have many soul mates as we evolve.
  • We need all levels of relationships in order to be healthy not just intimacy.
  • We need to do have different people to complement different spheres of our life in order to expand
  • Authentic people will like or love you just for being you. You do not have to give to get
  • Authentic people tell you the truth whether it’s favourable or not. They have no need to lie in order to receive attention and love
  • You must trust in yourself
  • Never take people into your heart, your life and your confidence before you know a great deal about them
  • Never rely on the opinion of one person for your self worth
  • Never predicate your self worth solely on other people’s opinions
  • Emotions are quiet and calm, this is normal. Intensity and drama are not normal.
  • Never accept lies in order to maintain a relationship or in order to keep the peace
  • Authentic people avoid liars. They do not excuse them because they know how damaging they are physically and mentally.
  • Never accept someone’s opinion of themselves. Form your own based on their actions
  • Words are cheap, look to actions for the truth
  • Silence and calm are the basis of life, not drama and fear.
  • Authentic people constantly create networks of interdependent people who can help them grow
  • Status does not enter into friendship or love
  • Fidelity, honesty and support are non-negotiable standards in love
  • When we build our own world in all spheres of our lives, without relying on others, we build our self-worth
  • Authentic people are not unhealthily obsessed with themselves or their achievements. They achieve balance and are happy when others succeed.
  • Life is built on and around those who are genuinely worthy of our love
  • Not everyone is worthy of our love. It is not automatically given. It is in our control
  • We know that relationships come and go as we outgrow our lessons and evolve spiritually.
  • We bring our mistakes to consciousness and seek to change them, not excuse and defend them
  • We do not seek to influence others and we refuse to be influenced but take on board what is positive and helpful for our growth
  • We don’t overlook or excuse bad behaviour. We bring it to the light and if the aggressor refuses to change, we bless them and move on.
  • We do not seek to fix people, protect them from the repercussions of their actions or excuse them from error, without remorse and change, over and over because we love them.
  • No one knows what is best for us but us
  • God is waiting to speak to us all in the stillness of our inner being
  • Joy comes from within and from a total union with the Divine, however we perceive that. Joy from external “things” is a pale reflection of this divine union.

Peace, light and love


Fiona Oliver © 2016

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